Presentation at FudCon Santiago Chile 2010

FUDCon (Fedora Users and Developers Conference) are events that the Fedora community produces around the world.  In these conferences there are numerous talks and workshops focusing on the Fedora project.  The conference also gives everyone the opportunity to highlight other key contributions in the FLOSS space. This year, I received an invitation to FUDCon in Santiago Chile on July 16th and was able to talk about the Jetpack SDK.

My main goal of this presentation was to introduce the audience to how the Jetpack SDK works, the main concepts behind it and to conduct a few live demos. These demos were able to show how fast Jetpack development can be used to customize your Web experience.

Below, please check out my slides of the presentation (in Spanish, no less!) and the codes samples I demoed.  I truly enjoyed this speaking opportunity and look forward to seeing new Jetpacks come forth as a result!

Next the source code of the examples, you can use the Jetpack SDK starting from the 0.5 version:

- Paceful-Surf

- Tabs-Fudcon

And of course, the slides of the talk.

Rod Garciatumblrize